Barlavento International
Primary School
Algarve, Portugal
Primary Education With Inspiration

Our Team


We are a warm, welcoming and dedicated staff from a wide range of countries offering a variety of specialities. Click on the teachers to find out more.

Amanda Turner

Headteacher & Class Teacher

Hannah Turner

Deputy Headteacher &
Class Teacher

Karen Whitten & Sílvia Catarino


Caroline Verle

Class Teacher

Lurdes Silva

Foundation Teaching Assistant

Gemma Aldridge

Foundation Teaching Assistant

Nuno Pereira

Class Teacher

José Mártires

PE, Portuguese &
Computing Teacher

Jonathon Bergius

Mindfulness &
Wellbeing Teacher

Simone Kehrer

Art & Agriculture Teacher

Sam Power

Music Teacher

Susie Mayes

Drama Teacher & Admissions

Daniel Sequeira

Teaching Assistant &
EAL Teacher

Ella Haley

Nutritionist &
Teaching Assistant

Carl Wilson

Teaching Assistant

Karen Sunderland

Teaching Assistant

Marcus Canedo

IT Support &
Media Technician

Diogo Casimiro


Ana Catarino


Cristina Santos

Hygiene & Cleaning Assistant

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