Barlavento International
Primary School
Algarve, Portugal
Primary Education With Inspiration

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

At Barlavento International Primary School our vision is to provide an environment where every child really matters and parents, school and the community can work together to:


  • Provide an environment where children feel happy, safe and secure to enable them to learn and develop self confidence and try new experiences.
  • Create a vibrant and inspiring learning culture where children are encouraged to become kind, respectful, independent and reflective learners and develop a positive attitude to life long learning.
  • Provide a rich, creative, balanced and stimulating curriculum.
  • Create a positive ethos, confidence and optimism.
  • Promote our values within the school and beyond to enable students to become respectful, tolerant and fully integrated members of international society.
  • Acknowledge that each child is unique and has different needs therefore we will provide an inclusive setting where each child feels valued, everyone can participate and develop to their full potential.
  • Promote a positive approach to behaviour where children are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves so that they can become independent, thoughtful and responsible and celebrate their achievements.
  • Engage in effective partnerships between home, school and the wider community so that success and achievement can be shared and everyone is part of the ‘Barlavento family’.


Our Values


It is important that the children, staff and parents all support and understand our values. Our 4 school values are:


When we are respectful we:

  • listen to others
  • are polite and considerate
  • treat everybody fairly


In order to show resilience, we:

  • don’t give up
  • try our very best and welcome challenges
  • are not afraid to make mistakes and we can ‘bounce back!’
  • learn from our mistakes


We demonstrate kindness by:

  • listening to others and working together
  • showing kindness and compassion to our peers, teachers and community
  • caring for ourselves, others and our environment
  • showing forgiveness


When we reflect, we:

  • stop and think
  • use what we already know
  • are mindful of our actions
  • take responsibility for our behaviour and our learning
  • learn to manage our behaviour and emotions

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