Barlavento International
Primary School
Algarve, Portugal
Primary Education With Inspiration

Fees and admissions


The annual fee for the academic year beginning September 2023 is €6600. This amount includes full insurance for each student while they are under the supervision of Barlavento International Primary School teachers and staff. Fees can be paid in one of three ways:

  • annually, in advance
  • per term, in advance
  • in 10 equal monthly instalments

There is also an initial enrolment fee of €2500, €2200 of which will be returned when the student completes their education with us or if a term’s notice is given before withdrawal of a student from the school.

AnnualTerm10 instalments
Enrolment €2500 once only(€2200 is refundable - see Terms & Conditions)
Fees€6600 per annum€2200 per term€660 per month

For further details on admissions please contact

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