Barlavento International
Primary School
Algarve, Portugal
Primary Education With Inspiration

Marcus Nutting

IT teacher, Learning Support Teacher and IT Technician

I am very excited to join and get to know the Barlavento school family this year.

My educator journey began as a snowboard instructor in Colorado, and I have since combined 11 years of school experience and many years of cyber experience to direct my path to become the IT and Intervention teacher at Barlavento.

I am interested in robotics, artificial intelligence and digital-media production techniques and am passionate about the ethical design and use of new technologies. I believe that understanding and maximising the positive impacts of computing is important and I envisage a world where tech supports our shared wellbeing and informs our collective decision-making. Technology has the ability to tackle complex global challenges and I hope the young minds of Barlavento will begin to explore how computers can make the world a better place for us all.

I am committed to inclusion and accessibility¬†and have experience leading interventions using both the ‘Read, Write Inc.’ phonics and ‘Counting to Calculating’ Maths programmes. I am qualified to¬†teach English as an Additional Language and have been working with English learners from East Asia and closer to home for a number of years.

Screen downtime is important to me and I’m very grateful to be able to spend plenty of time in our glorious Portuguese outdoors, cycling, surfing and skateboarding.


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