Barlavento International
Primary School
Algarve, Portugal
Primary Education With Inspiration

Simone Kehrer

Art and Agriculture Teacher

I am very excited to be teaching Art and Agriculture at Barlavento. I am originally from Germany but have lived in an ecological community in France for many years with my daughter. As the teacher of primary aged children in this setting we focused on the concepts of self-consciousness, self-responsibility, being connected with nature, and being respectful towards one another and our environment.

I believe it is very important to combine Agriculture, Art and Science and I would very much like to share with you and your children my enthusiasm for creating a green island in the school grounds.

Since 2011 I have been a professional Artist in France with several exhibitions to my name. I have done prints, sculptures, oil and acrylic painting using different techniques. In my teaching I encourage the children to fall into the flow of creativity and combine the mind, body and soul to allow children to express themselves and their feelings.

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