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Remote learning


Barlavento International Primary School is very excited to use G-Suite for Education. This will help us to support your children when they are learning remotely from home via the platform Google Classrooms.

G Suite is a service by Google that allows us to deliver electronic resources to help children learn. Teachers can share work, videos and audio with children. We can create pupil discussion forums, set quizzes and give children access to some of the best web based software available. They can share their learning with their teacher either by using Google apps or by taking a photo of their work. Teachers will be able to see their learning and give feedback. Google Classroom will also be used to share any class news, such as Gem of the Week and our Diamond Awards.

G Suite can also be used anywhere there is an internet connection. This system is available in school, from home and from any other computer with internet access. It is also available on other devices, such as smartphones, iPads, etc.

At Barlavento International Primary School we use these elements of the G Suite with children:

  • Google Drive – children can access their learning from home.
  • Google Classroom – a learning platform for teachers to set tasks
  • Email within the domain– in other words, between other pupils and staff. They cannot send or receive email outside
  • Google Apps for Education such as Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets and Jamboard.
  • Google Meet – live video calls
  • Google Maps


For a quick overview and how-to guide, see Google’s Parents’ Guide to Google Classrooms.

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