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Bird housing project

May 7, 2021 | News

A report from Associação Vita Nativa

Yesterday, the #AlojamentoLocalparaAves spent the morning visiting the nest boxes installed in partnership with the Município de Lagos. With more than 30 nest boxes installed, on this first visit we found blue chains hatching the eggs, a family of royal chains that had already abandoned the nest, and still some boxes with signs of having been occupied.

We also got to know about the new information panels of the project, which will soon be installed in the city parks and gardens. You can already find one in the City Park. 🙂 This was an initiative from Município de Lagos, and the project and Associação Vita Nativa greatly applaud and congratulate on the fantastic end result 🤩👏

We also visited Barlavento Primary School-Escola Primária do Barlavento, where all the nest boxes we installed were busy, one of them with a family of common sparrow 🙂

Finally, and to end the day big 😁, we went to check out the boxes installed at Casa Bela Moura-Boutique Hotel & Wine in Porches. As amazing as it sounds, we ran into a nest box for Galician Mocho-Galician occupied by a family of royal chapters 🐦🐦 There were 6 cubs in total.

Birds are really amazing, aren’t they? 🥰

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